Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If I Must Wear Black...

I'm a huge fan of color, all year long. When everyone is wearing shades of brown, black, and gray in cooler fall months, I'm still donning bright pinks, greens, and blues. But there are occasions when you must wear black. 

Black is slimming, easy to wear, and sophisticated. Lately, I've found myself in the predicament of "having" to wear black for solidarity or for a funeral. So, if I must wear black, I want to feel pretty wearing it. 

Here are some of my favorites in black that are anything but boring. 

This ensemble from Kohl's ELLE collection was a steal. The dress and cardigan sweater cost less than $40 total! Polka dots make everything pretty!

Another great choice is the Scotland dress from Elizabeth McKay. Because black never goes out of style, you can afford to invest a little bit more in classic pieces in black.  

A good pair of basic black pants is a must have in any wardrobe. I know that I've already told you about the Travel Pant from Lilly Pulitzer, but you must get these immediately! Yes, they're stretch pants, and yes, they're practically leggings, going against my negative feelings about wearing leggings in public, but you need these pants. The magic pants flatter every figure and look elegant with a front and back center seam.  


  1. I'm like you and love to wear bright colors all year round! Love the black dress from Elizabeth McKay and the polka dot is fun! I have a few black dresses and suits but I always reach for pink when I can wear it!

  2. I am the same way, I almost never wear black, and I when I do I feel off hahaha. I have heard the Lilly travel pants are amazing. I cannot wait to pick up a pair.

  3. I love black but I also love wearing my sweats so maybe the two go hand in hand. These are both cute outfits. Found you via the Beltway Bloggers list, love finding other DC area bloggers! http://talenttoplay.blogspot.com



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