Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tween Birthday Spa

My not so minnie minnies are 12!  They celebrated with 8 of their closest friends with an in house spa party.  The party had lots of Lilly Pulitzer touches including table linens and printables in the Chin Chin print.

Here's the tablescape.  Each place was set with a silver charger and a sleep mask.  The girls promptly decided that the sleep mask was a great headband and put them on top of their heads.  So sweet!

When the girls first arrived, the enjoyed some sweet treats before it was time for pizza.  Every party needs cake pops, right?

Alexia designed and created the duct tape water bottles and topped them with a cute bow.  She loves making things with duct tape.

Now it was time to primp and polish!  Each girl chose a color or two for her manicure.  I've gotten a few of Julep's  mystery boxes, so I had a quite a selection of polishes for the girls.

Manicure kits for each girl make the manicure special and are a great addition to her goodie bag with her nail polishes and sleep mask.

Many girls used multiple colors on their fingers or used a top coat with glitter!  Fun!

Here are the happy fingers!

While the polish dried, the girls were treated to a quick hair style.  Girls could choose different braids for their hair including French braids, fishtail, and more!

Finally, the girls created ribbon flip flops in school colors!  I had pre-cut the ribbon to the exact length to save time.  The flip flops are adorable and all of the girls wore them the next day to school.

It was a perfect party!


  1. Such an adorable theme!! I love the colors of polish and the table looks great!!!

  2. So cute! I had a spa party one year and it was a huge hit! Love all of the Lilly touches!

  3. What a cute party, and the duct tape...oh my goodness that is adorable!! She made the bows from duct tape too? So fun!



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