Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Does a 40 Year Old Wear to a Concert?

Sometimes I feel like a 25 year old trapped in a 40+ year old body.

Although I embrace my age enthusiastically and wouldn’t change a thing, I do sometimes wonder about being age appropriate in the way I dress. My daughters often tell me that I’m “cute” but I’m not sure exactly how that translates. Is it cute in the same way an 80 year old woman wearing a sweater with fall leaves on it is cute? Or is it cute in a “Wow, my mom rocks” kind of way?

Last night I went to see Muse in concert. The show was amazing and I love the atmosphere of being at a concert; music makes me happy!

So what does a 40 year old wear to a concert? There are so many great options to look fabulous and fashionable without looking too frumpy or too young. Comfort is key since I wanted to be able to dance and move if the mood struck me.

 At first I was considering a pair of flattering dark washed jeans with an Elizabeth McKay silk blouse and a pair of Revas. In the end, I decided to wear an Elsa blouse from Lilly Pulitzer with black Travel Pants, also from Lilly Pulitzer. The Travel Pants are probably the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned and are so flattering, especially with the center seam down the front. I piled on a bunch of bangles and some fun button earrings and it was perfect look for a concert at any age!


  1. You look fabulous!!! Love the Lilly Elsa blouses....comfy but stylish!

  2. You look great! The travel pants sound like a wonderful choice for a concert, chic but comfortable.



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