Monday, October 14, 2013

J. Crew Sale Restock

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

I often apply this famous quote to my personal life and never give up on anything. Perseverance is a pillar of my character. This same determination leads me to check sales periodically. Ha! When I first received an email about 40% off of J. Crew’s final sale, I clicked right over to the website to see what I could find. There were lots of goodies that tempted me and I even bought a few Liberty print rash guards for the girls in preparation for next summer. After all, shipping for crewcuts is always free. 

When I checked the website later in the day, many things had sold out quickly. 

I had been watching a J. Crew Jeweled Short Sleeve Sweatshirt that had sold out in stores and online very quickly in hopes that it would appear. I found an auction on eBay and was watching it closely. Imagine my surprise when I checked J. Crew's website very early in the morning and saw my a sale price and 40% off of that! Without looking at anything else, I immediately purchased the sweatshirt in the Athletic Gravy Ivory. 

Just hours later, a search for the item shows this message. 

My sweatshirt is now on the way to me! It was such a good thing that I check the sale pages often because J. Crew restocks their inventory often during sale promotions.

Once the excitement over my sweatshirt had passed I decided to take a look at the crewcuts sale items to see if anything new was there. Guess what? Many additional items had been added! I had never seen the Mini-Cord Dress in Dot in the original sale because I would have bought it immediately. Isn't it adorable? The girls are going to LOVE it!

When I looked in my shopping bag, I did notice that only a few of these beauties were in stock. J. Crew always seems to have a great handle on their inventory. All of the items that I ordered are now on the way to me even though I ordered them during a busy sale and quantities were limited! Such good luck.

When J. Crew has a big sale in progress, I highly recommend that you check the website periodically to see what they have added to the sale! They restock the sale!

Bloomingdales had fall Lilly Pulitzer at 50% off this weekend, too. They also restocked the sale with additional sizes that had sold out and added a few new styles. Yesterday, there was even an extra 15% off the sale price.

Never give up on a sale; they might just surprise you with a restock!

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