Monday, October 21, 2013

Marie-Grace: An American Girl

Alexia is the guest blogger today with a review about one of the newest historical characters from American Girl's collection.

When my mom showed the plain brown box to me, I immediately knew what was waiting for my sister and me inside the box.

It was Marie-Grace, with beautiful bright blue eyes, just like me. This 1853 New-Orleans girl stands up to the city she where she lives and now calls home. Marie-Grace had just moved to New-Orleans, wishing that she was still in her old town. Everything is so unfamiliar to her. And there's a little problem; Marie-Grace is a shy girl, and school is starting soon. How is she going to make friends? I had a similar experience when I went to a brand new middle school last year with all new people. I was lucky to have my sister, but we didn't know anyone else and it was a little bit scary. This story inspired me and I highly recommend the books.

Natalia and I had the honor of meeting the authors of the Marie-Grace and Cécile books when they came to the American Girl store at Tysons Corner in Virginia. It's so exciting to meet an author in person! In her adventures, Marie-Grace discovers courage, trust, and a true friend, Cécile. When an African-American slave baby is left on her doorstep, she also saves him from slavery, and protects him from a slave catcher. And with the help of Cécile, and the two come up with a marvelous plan to save him. So they go and save him by taking him to Chicago to a safer place. Also, when yellow fever breaks out in the town, everyone is suffering from it. Marie- Grace’s friends, family, and her opera teacher are too! Being a doctor, her father is busy working on them trying to help them survive. The only thing Marie-Grace can do is help. When she gets the chance she does. When the sick people are cured, everything goes back to normal in the town. And the best of all, her teacher gets married!

Marie-Grace is one of my favorite American Girls. She is very caring, and shows everyone that you can do anything; you just have to work at it. I love to read the historical American Girl books because I learn so much about history. In the Marie-Grace series, I especially learned about people’s lives and the world in her times in 1853. Her book series includes, “Meet Marie-Grace”, “Marie Grace and the Orphans”, and “Marie-Grace Makes a Difference”. Maybe you should read them sometime!

My sister and I like American Girl dolls with beautiful hair. When we were younger, we used to style it every day, just like our mom did our hair! Now I admire the perfect hair styles and try to keep them neat. Marie-Grace has beautiful curls on the side and a complicated and delicate braid that goes in the back. Her hair has a perfect wave and is a pretty shade of brown...just like me!

Her clothing is in style for 1853 and is so detailed; it's even better that the dress is pink plaid taffeta. I really love her beautiful boots and bloomers, too. Marie-Grace's clothing is all so pretty! Everything about this doll is perfect.

Trust me, if you have a little girl or a granddaughter, she's going to love Marie-Grace as much as me!

Be sure to check out some fantastic events that are happening at the Tysons American Girl store this fall and winter. Many activities are free and there's a special experience at the Nutcraker at the Warner Theater.


  1. Oh, I certainly miss the days of American Girls. I received Molly for my third Christmas, and went on to collect Samantha and many of the girl of the year dolls.
    I'm glad to see they haven't changed!


  2. What a beautiful doll and story! Great review :)



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