Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Monday: 80s Halloween Party

80s Candy Pail

The 80s contributed so many things to posterity. With everything on the list from fashion, fun food, toys, and music, it's a lasting legacy.

Everyone has a Halloween Party Playlist, but today I've compiled my 80s Halloween Party Music mix. Whether you're throwing a Monster Bash or handing out treats to neighborhood children, these tunes will keep you in good spirits.

Ghostbusters:  Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters is a classic song from the movie by the same title that has to be included in any party mix.

Thriller: I have always loved Michael Jackson's thriller, but I fell in love with it again after seeing it in an adorable scene in 13 Going on 30 where the song and dance gets a party going.

The Ghost In You: This song is a  sweet New Wave hit that continues to be a cover song for bands today.

Dead Man's Party: Here's another New Wave hit song where there's "room for one more," a lyric that spawned an urban legend.

Devil Inside: This is a fun hit from the Australian band INXS. John and I saw them in concert a two years ago with J.D. Fortune singing vocals on this song and it was amazing.

Eaten By The Monster of Love: My favorite song on the playlist is Eaten By The Monster of Love! I remember this song from Nicholas Cage's first movie, Valley Girl, in a scene with a preppy boy in a Mrs. Robinson-esque scene.

I Want Candy: Who doesn't?

Psycho Killer: So this is a little bit earlier than 80s, but I remember hearing the French chorus throughout my childhood. "A Psycho Killer, Well Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Time Warp: Here's another throwback that's just a bit earlier than 1980, but it was an iconic tune throughout the 80s. I especially like this song for a party, since the instructions for the Time Warp dance are incorporated into the song!

80s Halloween PSA: Remember, the bad kids are always the first ones to be killed in a scary movie, so behave and mind your manners this Halloween season!

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