Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly Finds

Even when I'm not looking for something specific, I always manage to find some fabulous things that must come home with me. There are certain stores that I know are my Achilles' heel, because they're full of treasures just waiting to be purchased. 

Here are some goodies that I found this week. 

When I saw this girls' sweater, I immediately thought that it had the look and style of Crewcuts. The pink and green stripes in the heart shape are adorable. This will look perfect with a pair of black leggings for my girls. I thought that I might be able to wear the largest girls' size, but no luck, my girls no longer want to match with me!

Even though Halloween is next week, I can always add a pumpkin or two to my menagerie! The chevron glitter stripes and polka dotted pumpkins are whimsical and fun. At only $8 each, I'm not sure that I could make them for the price by the time I bought a fake pumpkin, paint, glitter, and mod podge. 

Oh how I wish I would have found these little suitcases in bright colors a few months ago. When I was planning my wedding, I was looking for little suitcases to use for the goodie bags that children received. They would have been perfect. The structured suitcases are a little bit larger than a typical lunch box and are perfect for gift giving, holding art supplies, or as a take along activity for small children. 

This year, I'll be sending a few holiday packages and gifts by mail. Make a package extraordinary with decorative packing tape. You could cover a box with butcher paper and tape it with the decorative tape. What a fun way to send mail! 

I love crisp white tones for winter decor. These trays, frames, and lacquer boxes would make excellent choices for New Year's decor, don't you think? 

Visit your local Target store to see these great items and more! 

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  1. Love the idea on the packing tape. I always ship x-mas gifts to my in-laws in Ohio, and this will be a fun touch to the boxes. :)



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