Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Traditions

My girls brainstormed a list of holiday traditions for a poem that they wrote in their language arts class. We had the best discussion about some of our family's traditions and it made me smile to think about all of the fun we have before Christmas.

Ever since I can remember (for decades!) I've been opening a little window on a German Chocolate Advent Calendar. I'd wait all day for the tiniest morsel of delicious chocolate. My sister and I would always compare our finds and tried to determine what the shape was. This tradition continues today with my girls...they still have trouble figuring out what some of the shapes are. "Mom, I think this is a block?"

Another tradition that spans generations is the Nutcracker. My sister was an amazing ballerina back in the day and always performed in the ballet. It was especially amazing to see the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center because we had brunch in the restaurant before the show. This year, we braved the weather advisory to attend the matinee. You know what they say...the show must go on!

My girls have always loved Santa and never cried when they sat on his lap. We scope out the "Santas" for weeks before determining which mall Santa is "The Real Santa." My girls were 3 years old in this picture.

My mother bakes the most delicious cookies! Truly, I wish I had her talent for baking, but I'm working on it. Some of my favorite cookies are horseshoe cookies and snickerdoodles. And yes, I let my children lick the beaters!

Even if I cannot see family and friends during the year, it's always such a treat to receive Christmas cards in the mail. December is probably the best month for mail because I get oodles of real mail, addressed by hand, with real stamps! Imagine that. I love to display the cards and save them to use in crafts throughout the year.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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