Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let It Snow!

If the past week is any indication, we're in for a wild ride this winter. We've already carved out 2 of the 5 allotted snow days for the year and it's looking like we're going to get more snow this weekend. On Sunday I shoveled about 7 inches of snow and Monday brought another 6 inches outside my window.

Here's my little picket fence.

Luckily for the girls, the snow was perfect for playing and sledding.

So I figure that if we're going to get a lot of snow this year, we should be prepared for a lot of fun snow days. A quick internet search revealed some adorable snow toys that the children at your home are sure to enjoy. 

I've seen lots of snowball makers and quite a few molds, but I've never seen one in pink! You're welcome.  Here's the Pink Snowball Maker and Snow Brick Mold from Lucky Bums.

Paint the snow with a Sno Paint Sno Art.

My girls love their Polar Bear Foam Sled and assure me that it goes so quickly! Watch this video of Natalia slide down a hill in front of our house.

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  1. You got so much snow! Nearly everything already melted here in Philly. Enjoy the weather!




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