Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Tourist in DC

I love living in Maryland. There are so many opportunities to do anything that you could imagine. Depending on the season, you can go skiing, to the beach, to the theater, or to explore a historic city. But I especially love being able to visit museums in Washington, DC.

I've been taking my girls to museums on a regular basis ever since they were babies and they love it! During the holiday break, we've been tourists in our own city, visiting several museums.

One of my favorite museums is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. A stop at the African Elephant is always a must, but I was particularly thrilled to see holiday decorations and garland in the rotunda.

You could spend days exploring the museum without seeing everything! Some of our highlights included seeing the mammals, dinosaurs, and coral reef. Isn't this jellyfish spectacular? I found myself looking up at the exhibits, not just at eye level. There is something to be seen everywhere!

My girls love mummies and were thrilled to see the mummified cat! As for me, in an act of incredible valor, I touched this huge beetle at the insect zoo. Luckily, he is native to Malaysia, so I'll never have to worry about finding him in my backyard.

While we stepped inside the tropical ecosystem of Butterfly Pavilion, butterflies landed on us to say hello. They were particularly attracted to Alexia's shirt!

Although there is a separate fee to gain timed access to the butterfly pavilion, I highly recommend it.


  1. That's my absolute favorite museum here in New York glad to see the one in DC is just as wonderful!

  2. We are planning on visiting D.C. this summer, will definitely add this our list of must-sees! Thanks! Happy New Year!

  3. We too live close to DC but haven't been to the Smithsonian for ages. I'm thinking a must do with the grands this year.

  4. JR ~ We also love the Natural History Museum in New York! Another place to spend days exploring!

    Pink and Green Mom & Pat ~ You're going to love it! We had not been to this museum in about a year and there's always something new.

  5. What a lovely place to be! DC is a great place.



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