Monday, January 20, 2014

Fresh Ingredients & Chef-Designed Meals at Home

Recently an ad for Plated came up on the sidebar of my search engine. I'm so glad that I clicked on the ad because it's a great discovery.

Plated delivers fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients paired with gourmet recipes so that you can cook delicious meals at home. You choose the recipes you would like to order, and they deliver all the perfectly portioned ingredients to you – No need to grocery shop or recipe hunt, and best of all, no excess waste! They provide you with a convenient and nutritious way to discover your inner chef, and make cooking fun.

The menu constantly changes, so you'll never get tired of the recipes. I ordered the Provencal Steak with Purple Potatoes and Green Beans to start this cooking adventure.

My package arrived in a sturdy box that was clearly marked perishable. The ingredients were carefully packed in an insulated bag that had ice packs in it. As I unpacked everything, I was thrilled to discover that everything was still quite cold.

The step by step directions for the recipe are easy to follow. The instructions said that it would take about 30 to 40 minutes to prep and prepare. I spent about 45 minutes total working on the recipe, prepping some ingredients while others were cooking. Recipes are rated for difficulty level, making it easy to choose what you want to make.

I really loved the purple potatoes. Such a unique ingredient!

Here's the final product! I didn't slice the steak the way it was pictured, but no one minded. Everyone loved the meal! We even had some potatoes and green beans leftover for the next day.

There are a limited amount of free meals for 4 people with the code freefbplates. Get 4 free meals with this code! Just pay $10 shipping. Where can 4 people eat for $10? 

If the 4 meal offer is expired, use the code 56d3e5 to get 2 free plates! That's a 50% savings off the regular price.


  1. Just to make you aware, shipping is 20 dollars not 10. I took advantage of your first offer and if you get 2 plates or 4 shipping is 20

  2. Shipping was $20 when I checked, too. Decided to give it a go anyway, although I'm not sure I'd be happy paying $20 without the plate discount. I usually don't go for things like this, but it seems like a neat concept. =)

  3. Mine was FREE shipping!! and HALF off with a code they automatically entered. I ordered 4 meals 2 plates of 2 different ones same delivery date. Which brought it down to $30 for everything. $7.5 a person not bad at all and I am having it delivered on a day I am going to have to run upstate and would not have time to grocery shop or cook.

  4. I've seen this in my timeline. I may give it a go. Thanks!



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