Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Match My Monogram

Recently, I encountered a much needed online marketplace called Match My Monogram. Match My Monogram solves the problem of what to do with mint condition monogrammed items that for one reason or another are no longer in use.

When I got married, I obtained a new monogram, but still have so many treasures with my old monogram. This situation arises more than you may realize; your child outgrows his gingham Fourth of July outfit with his giant initial on the pocket or you inherit Aunt Esther's fine china but your cabinet is filled with your own prized pieces. Match My Monogram takes the burden off of the consignor by finding that person out there with the same name who loves your personalized style.

In many cases, items are brand new because Match My Monogram partnered with and is able to work as a custom clearinghouse for many businesses that create personalized products and may have too many samples or unfortunate monogram mishaps. This brand new boat tote would be a fabulous find for someone. There are dozens of different monograms listed on the website.

You can also search by initial on Match My Monogram. Isn't this B dress adorable for a little girl?

After you have found your monogram and your initial, be sure to search for your name on their website. I'm picking up this Kate cosmetic spa bag for a favorite Kate!

This unique business is new, only a few months old, but it is catching on nationwide as an ideal, easy way to upcycle and share your monogrammed love. What do you do with monogrammed items that you can no longer use?

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  1. Cool site! I thought it was okay to keep using things with your maiden name monogramed on them after you get married. What are your thoughts?



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