Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer at Disney World

Although the summer heat and humidity is pretty intense in Florida, I honestly don't think that it is much worse than the swamp of DC during July. When I was packing clothes for our trip to Disney, I knew that I wanted to wear Lilly Pulitzer almost every day. With the exception of a Sail to Sable tunic, the girls and I wore Lilly every day on vacation and managed to stay comfortable and dry while looking fabulous.

The twins will be 13 next month and are now able to wear some of the women's things in Lilly. The Buttercup shorts are their favorite! They love the scalloped edges. Natalia is rocking her Lilly sunglasses in Hotty Pink First Impression. The girls carried their ponchos, water bottle, and sunscreen in their tiny limited edition backpack in a pink Vera Bradley Disney print.

lilly pulitzer at disney

Natalia and I were print twins in the Magic Kingdom on another day. She loves the Callahan shorts in Tusk in Sun and the Eliza dress offered protection from the sun but was not hot at all. The knit fabric of the dress didn't wrinkle all day and looked great, even after a long day at the park. We went to the park every day for rope drop and left in the early evening.

lilly pulitzer at disney tusk in sun

The Brewster dress is one of my favorite options for this season. The t-shirt style dress is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The embellished neckline gives something special to the dress. I wore flip flops every day in the park and didn't have any problems. My feet didn't have any blisters after a busy week and dried quickly after pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. There's nothing worse than wet tennis shoes except wet jeans. UGH.

lilly pulitzer at disney brewster dress

Natalia and Alexia love Disney Bounding. When we went to Akershus in Norway at Epcot for lunch with the princesses, my girls channeled their inner princess with the Vinita dress from Lilly Pulitzer.

Here's the same scenario...a few years ago!

I packed all of our Lilly in a carry on suitcase and took it with me on the plane. I get nervous about my luggage and am slightly overprotective of my Lilly Pulitzer. I checked a small bag with toiletries and shoes. After losing a suitcase and being reimbursed with pennies on the dollar, I think that it's better to be safe than without my Lilly!

How do you wear your Lilly at Disney World?


  1. I love that you all wore so much Lilly at Disney World! I haven't been there in forever, but I know I'd rock some Lilly of my own. I'm obsessed with the Buttercup shorts as well, the scallops are too cute. I totally understand why you're overprotective about your Lilly - they're timeless pieces that are worth more than the pricetag.


  2. You all looked great! Its wonderful your daughters love it too. Mine have a larger Lilly collection than I do! How unfair :-) they love wearing it even though they are little from swimwear to always reaching for the dresses. I love the earlier picture of the girls with princess costumes and AG doll, we are so very much in that stage right now and I love it!

  3. Great pics! We are always wearing Lilly as I live nearby the Winter Park store. Not enough Lilly in the parks though. We always make note of the women who look like they're dressed to run a 5K in full blown workout gear. That's not as fun!



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