Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tickled Pink-Flamingo Birthday Party (and Lilly Jeep!)

I am constantly inspired by the creativity and talent of Lilly loving mamas. When I heard about the party that Jasmine of Lilly-licious, former Pipsqueak Parties, organized for her daughters, I knew that she was incredibly talented! But when I saw the gift that she made for her 3 year old twins, I was beyond amazed.

Jasmine shared some exciting details about her daughters' Ticked Pink-Flamingo birthday party with me. Thanks to Meg Manion Photography for the some pictures. 

Guests of honor:  My three daughters, Bailley who turned 13, and my twins Devynn and Quinn turned 3. Their birthday dates are too close to torture our family with two separate parties. The girls had matching flamingo shift dresses, and matching flamingo bathing suits.

Meg Manion Photography
Theme:  The party was themed "tickled pink-flamingo". We had dozens of tacky pink plastic flamingos all over the property, paper lanterns in pinks and blues hanging from tree branches above, pink organizational containers used to organize the food table, it was very simple.

Meg Manion Photography
Food and sweet treats:  We served burgers and dogs for guests to load up at the toppings bar. Fresh veggies, thick bacon, and my favorite..."wickles"-wicked good pickles. As for sweets, I went pink all the way with strawberry wafers, berry flavored Oreos, and no birthday is complete without cake. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with light pink buttercream frosting were served with silly rubber flamingos. I used toothpicks and hot glue to turn them into cupcake toppers.

Meg Manion Photography
Favorite Party Moment:  My favorite moment is a toss up between when the teens let loose and donned the crazy hats I had set out for photo opps.....and the twins learning to drive their new Lilly Pulitzer inspired Jeep. Their reaction to the Jeep was priceless. They first shoved each other out of the driver's seat at least a few times before giving in. As per the usual, Quinny was the winner (baby A).

Meg Manion Photography

Here are some more pictures of the Lilly Jeep so that you can fully appreciate the detail of Jasmine's work!

Many thanks to Jasmine for sharing her special event! 

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