Wednesday, December 17, 2014

American Girl Donation

This holiday season, from November 24 through December 18, 2014, American Girl will match any doll purchase made online, in-store, or via phone with an 18-inch doll donation (up to 1,000 dolls/day!) to the Children's Hospital Association. The donation, worth nearly $3 million in retail value, will help bring joy and comfort to thousands of young girls receiving care in any of the association's 200 member hospitals in the U.S.

American Girl sent an Isabelle doll to me to donate to the charity of my choice. My daughters and I carefully considered our favorite charities, but ultimately, Natalia and Alexia made the decision to donate the doll to the Kline Hospice House. Kline House is a special place where patients can spend their final days in a tranquil setting, surrounded by their families. 

This summer, my Nana, the girls' great-grandmother, had quadruple bypass surgery. It was a difficult surgery with a complicated recovery. Natalia and Alexia spent quite a bit of time at the hospital this summer and learned so much about family, life, and love from the experience. They remarked that the hospital always seemed so sad and dreary.  Everyone, from the doctors and nurses to other families and patients, always wanted to talk to the girls because they represent life. They sparkle and shine. 

The girls wanted Isabelle to bring that sparkle and shine to the people who are sick as well as the family members who visit them.

A doll can bring a sparkle to anyone's eye, no matter what the age. Denise Watterson, Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice of Frederick County, commented that they plan to move Isabelle from room to room so that everyone can enjoy her. I imagine how much joy this doll will bring to both the Hospice patients and their families at the Kline House. Alexia is sorting through her American Girl collection and is packing a little suitcase of clothing, furniture, and accessories that she wants to send to the Kline House to accompany Isabelle.

Many thanks to Kate Charuhas at Hospice for coordinating our donation and a million thanks to American Girl for their generous spirit during this holiday season.


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