Tuesday, January 6, 2015

After Party Sale Success + Reader Hauls + Still More Time to Shop!

The After Party Sale is well underway at Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly Lovers waited by their computers, iPads, phones or other electronic devices to start shopping at 8 a.m. sharp. As in previous years, in my opinion, I found the best items in the accessories category. So many "gift with purchase" items like napkins, blotting papers, and beach towels were available for sale, but they were fast to sell out. Did you manage to snag any of these fabulous goodies?

Chin Chin Fabric Napkins
Lilly Pulitzer Beach Towels
The price of the Travel Pant is the best that I have ever seen it at only $39. During the cold winter months, I live in these comfortable pants and wear them with Elsa tops and sweaters. Even with the new sizing of this fall's collection, I wear my regular size in these pants and prefer them to be stretchy. (The travel pant also hides the extra winter "fluff" nicely, too.)

Travel Pant
Although I wasn't looking for anything in particular for this sale, I always manage to find things that I "need." Amalie sweaters, a Jade dress and a Joanna dress jumped into my shopping cart along with some fun accessories. Amazingly, 3 out of my 5 orders have already shipped. Riley and Murfee scarves will delight Natalia and Alexia along with some Callahan shorts. One of the Riley scarves was only $24. When my orders arrive, I'll be sure to post a reveal.

While I have a blast shopping for the girls and myself, I really enjoy hearing what other people found at the sale. Everyone has a different favorite find at the top of their list, although there are a few gems in the sale that everyone wanted.

Here are some reader hauls from the sale...

From Brittany...

From Emily...

From Ashley...

The Lilly Pulitzer website just re-stocked many items, including some that were gone yesterday. Be sure to watch Lilly Pulitzer's page on Facebook and Instagram for flash sales and more surprises. Amazon's Deal of the Day today offers Lilly Pulitzer at Amazon.com for 50%-70% off. With Amazon Prime shipping and lightning fast service, this is a great option! Amazon has lots of great items including the Corine Dress and Elsa Top in Multi Shake Your Tailfeathers

I'd love to hear what you found at the After Party Sale. Please leave a comment and let me know what you got.


  1. From the beginning, I was disappointed with this sale, just didn't see much catch my eye. I placed an order with an elsa and a corine dress (the only things I wanted), and I was informed the order didn't go through even though I received an order confirmation email and my cc was charged, and now they are sold out. I suppose it was not meant to be this year!

    1. The Elsa and Corine are great choices! I also picked up a Corine dress and can't wait to wear it.

  2. I was very fortunate to score quite a few goodies including the pen (which already came!), a water bottle, a pendant, 3 Cancer horoscope scarves (for my grandma, my mom and myself; all cancers), black travel pants, Kat kitten heels, a Beckett shirt dress, Set for Summer bangles, and a continental wallet. I did have to wait in line for a time for most of my items but it wasn't terrible!

    Side note, I think we live in the same town, judging by your post about First Saturdays! :)

    1. Hi Jenni! Sounds like you found some fabulous things! I'm also a Cancer. You'll love the travel pants...I am practically living in them during the winter.

      Thanks for leaving a comment to say hi! So much fun that we live in the same town.

      Have a fantastic day!



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