Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fabulous Neutral Flats

In addition to a pair of black pumps, neutral beige flats or pumps are one of the best shoe purchases that you can make. These shoes match with almost anything and work well in any season. Since I'm usually standing for a large part of the day, I especially appreciate a great pair of comfortable flats.

Neural and beige are not bad words and shoes don't have to be boring simply because they lack vibrant color. I love to wear beige flats with different shades of pink, green, or blue. For a more conservative look, pair beige flats with winter white, cream, and tan. And although you might have heard that black and brown don't match, I love the look of beige shoes with a mostly black outfit. The beige (almost!) adds an unexpected pop of "color." Another thing to consider is that anything that blends with your skin tone (I'm a pale beige) helps to create a long, lean look.

With options in every price range, all of these fantastic choices are anything but basic beige. Whimsical bows, trim, and details add pizzazz to these flats.

As an aside, I have to tell you that I own the Tory Burch flats and attest to their comfort. My Revas took quite a bit of time to break in but these flats are so comfortable. The elastic edge is what I think makes them so soft.

neutral flats beige flats tory burch flats
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How do you like to wear neutral flats?



  1. Last season I bought a pair of nude Chloe scalloped ballet flats. They are THE most comfortable (no breaking in time) pair of shoes I own. They blend with my skin perfectly. The cost is a bit over my norm, but I never looked back, once I put them on. You're right, this color shoe, whatever brand is timeless.

    Warmly, K

  2. I know just the shoe that you bought! Well worth the investment. The scalloped edge is beautiful. Take care! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing a range of beige colors. I tend to think that anything that matches your skin should match whatever you're wearing since your skin never clashes with what you're wearing. I always have trouble finding a shoes that match my skin tone but some of the ones you shared look like they'll work.



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