Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Things Friday

TGIF! I have had a great week, but it's been a bit strange because of scheduling and a bit of wild weather. I spent Monday and Tuesday at home because of the snow. A fast moving clipper caused the cancellation of Thursday's after school activities. So I've been hunkered down at home for part of the week and started a brand new semester at school on Wednesday.

Here are five things that are in my life or on my mind this week.

What I'm reading...Little Golden Books: I love the iconic Little Golden Books and always purchase them as gifts for babies, children, and adults. But these delightful books aren't just for children anymore and will thrill adults of a certain age who grew up reading Little Golden Books. I picked up a few copies of this book, Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book, for Valentine's Day gifts.

everything i need to know about love i learned from a little golden book

What I'm cooking...Crock Pot Cooking: With several days at home and lots of snow in the forecast, I craved comfort food and sweet treats this week. My slow cooker was on heavy rotation with delicious meals like chili and macaroni and cheese. I also baked up a storm. If I had to be at home, I decided that I was going to make the house smell delicious during my temporary weather-induced hibernation!

slow cooker macaroni and cheese

How I'm pampering myself...Happy Toes: Who says that pedicures are only necessary in the summer? A relaxing pedicure and happy pink polished sandal ready toes in the middle of winter puts a smile on my face and is an instant mood booster.

Jack Rogers sandals pink and green
Jack Rogers Sandals
What I'm organizing...Murfee Scarves: Over the past few years, I've collected quite a few Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarves. In the mornings, I scrambled to find a scarf in the large dresser drawer where I kept them, carefully matching the colors in the semi-darkness while my husband was still asleep. This week, I organized some of my favorite scarves to hang in my closet, where I clearly see them. My girls inherited some scarves that I took out of my rotation. Needless to say, Natalia and Alexia are thrilled.

lilly pulitzer murfee scarf

What is playing on repeat in my car...Uptown Funk. This song will make you want to dance, even if you don't like to dance. The lyrics are fun and the song is a retro-inspired gem that people of all ages enjoy.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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  1. Oh never read those golden books I will look for them. I wear my memory foam Nike flip flops every day in winter because I have no Jack Rodgers and its my winter form of denial. Plus they are super comfy. Enjoy your pretty toes. Looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside.



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