Friday, January 9, 2015

Sad News for C. Wonder Fans

Over the weekend, I went to Tysons Corner to help John spend some gift cards that Santa had brought. While we were walking on the 2nd floor, I spotted what appeared to be brown paper on the windows of the C. Wonder store. Much to my dismay, I discovered that the store had permanently closed.

The whimsical paper goods, plates, and accessories always delighted me and I loved to shop at that store. C. Wonder's monogram service was also impeccable. This summer, the Tysons Corner store monogrammed a fantastic tote bag that I carry often.

Sadly, all C. Wonder stores will be closing within the next few weeks, including the online store. I'm sorry to learn this news and hope that the people who lost their jobs in the store closings are able to find new positions quickly.

Remaining merchandise at C. Wonder online is available for a final sale price of 50% off.

Act quickly to stock up on gifts and stationery before they are gone forever!


Porcelain Dish
Linen Cocktail Napkins



  1. I too am so sad over this news! I have a few things to return to C Wonder at our mall (from Christms) and hope that I still can. I LOVED the animal plates and catch all dishes and jewelry. I am really bummed.

    1. Hi Lisa, I'd return them quickly. It seems like the mall stores are all closing very soon if they have not already closed. I'll miss C. Wonder!



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