Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Teen Birthday Sleepover + "First" Day of School + OOTD

Recently, I shared some of the details from my daughters' 13th birthday party. I hosted a sleepover for ten teenage girls in my house. After dinner, the girls went into the family room to watch a few movies. While the popcorn was popping, party guests enjoyed candy and other treats. I packaged the candy in individual containers for easy serving (and eating!) The containers are actually salad dressing cups and are the perfect size for candy and the cupcake with the lollipops is a flower vase. The Lilly Pulitzer Juice Stand print served as the background for all of the printable items.

Cupcake Flower Vase //  Candy Cups
When the girls started to plan their birthday party, one of the most important things we had to do was choose movies that were entertaining, yet appropriate for young teenage girls. Although there are many movies that I allow the girls to watch, I chose relatively "tame" movies because I want to respect the wishes of the other girls' parents. The girls watched Legally Blonde, Aquamarine, and Sleepover. One of my high school students recommended Sleepover and it was the favorite movie of the girls. They laughed hysterically throughout the movie.

Another fun activity was a DIY "photo booth" that I had created. Natalia and Alexia compiled some of their favorite hats, scarves, and costumes for props and put them in a bin. I hung a curtain across the large hallway entrance propped with a curtain rod. The girls posed for pictures wearing the props! So much fun.

I heard lots of giggles and chatter throughout the night, although the girls did go to sleep around 3 in the morning. The next morning, the girls enjoyed a delicious breakfast before going home. The "goodie bag" from the party was a monogrammed insulated pink party cup filled with a Lilly Pulitzer coin purse, a face mask, lip gloss, and some candy.

Pink Party Cup
On another note, today is a special day for me. At the school where I teach, students take four classes per semester. Today is the first day of the new semester. I'm looking forward to meeting my new students and getting another start to the school year with another "first" day of school. The spring semester is always a bit of a challenge because I teach AP Spanish, which is incredibly rigorous for both me and my students. The effort is always worth it.

One of my favorite songs from The King and I is "Getting to Know You," sung by Anna, who is a teacher.

After yesterday's snow day, it's still quite cold here, so I'm staying warm in a few layers for my outfit of the day.

teacher blogger teacher style first day of school

Wish me luck on my first day!



  1. Good luck!!! Love all the sleep over ideas. The party favors are too cute.

  2. What a sweet teenage birthday! Bookmarking this for the future :)



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