Thursday, January 8, 2015

Video Blog: After Party Sale Part 1

It's an After Party Sale miracle!

Four pretty packages waited on my front porch for me this afternoon. Everything that I received is AH-mazing! Take a look at the super short video and then read my review of part 1 of my haul from the After Party Sale.

Riley Infinity Scarf: I picked up these adorable infinity scarves for my daughters, shhhh, let's hope they aren't reading this blog post. The scarves are super soft and I love the added detail of the tassels. It adds a different pop of color and texture to any look.

Joanna Maxi Dress: Some fellow Lilly lovers had advised me that this dress ran a little bit big. I normally wear a 6 in the new Lilly Pulitzer dresses, so I did size down to a 4, but was worried about the fit. The size 4 fits like a dream and I probably could have gotten away with a size 2, and I'm FAR from a size 2. The dress needs hemmed quite a bit, almost 4-5 inches and I'm 5'4". Luckily I have a fantastic seamstress. The details of this dress are perfect. The empire waist is incredibly flattering and stretch around the bust ensures a perfect fit.

Emerson Tunic: The Emerson Tunic is one of my favorite things from the fall collection. I already own this top in blue, so I decided to add the pink to my collection. Normally I don't like to buy 2 of the same item, but the Emerson is a staple in my wardrobe, just like Elsa tops and Classic Shifts. I did size up in this top, to a medium so that it fits me well around the hips. The gold soutache trim is absolutely stunning.

Emmett Peacock Belt: I picked up this belt on a whim. I love the peacock motif and think that it will look amazing with Beckett dresses. By the time I decided to buy the Emmett belt, only an XS/S was available. I figured that if it didn't fit me, I would give the belt to Natalia and Alexia. In the style of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the belt fits all of us! My 13 year old daughters wear a size 00 or XXS in Lilly right now and the belt fits them just as nicely as it fits me. Win-win!

Although the After Party Sale has ended, I've located some of the featured items on sale. Watch for another video blog with the second part of my After Party Sale in an upcoming post.

I couldn't wait to wear this tunic!

Paired with a flamingo bangle 

Pineapple earrings

Have a great day!


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  1. I love your flamingo bangle! Where did you get it?! So cute to pair with Lilly!



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