Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blue & White Chinoiserie Chic + Legally Blonde!

Blue and white chinoiserie is a classic and fits with almost any home décor. If you're looking for something that is both a modern and classic update to any space, then you'll want to add a little bit of chinoiserie.

For your next party, choose this Chinoiserie Melamine Serving Tray. I love the classic motif and modern shape with a bit of bamboo.

chinoiserie melamine serving tray

Proudly display pictures in an adorable photo frame for 4 x 6 inch pictures. Write notes on beautiful stationery that shows your style and add flair to your garden or home with a blue and white stool.

blue and white chinoiserie frame thank you cards garden stool

blue and white chinoiserie ginger jar

The guest bathroom in my house has a blue and white chinoiserie theme. Here are some images from this space in my home.

blue and white ginger jar print

blue and white ginger jar print

In other news, tonight is the debut of the production of Legally Blonde where I will portray Elle Woods' mother! 



  1. Replies
    1. I had SUCH a blast! Check out today's post for a picture of me with "Bruiser" the dog.

  2. I have many of those prints of ginger jars in my bedroom! So fun that you are in Legally Blonde. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Katie! The ginger jar prints look so amazing in every room. Thanks for commenting. :)



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