Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chateau Parka: The Best Winter Coat

When I am considering a purchase, I like to think in terms of cost per wear instead of the retail price of the item. In the case of an item like a winter coat, it's something that I'll wear every day and will have for several seasons. Still, I had hoped that I would find the Chateau Parka on sale at J. Crew. All season, it has been excluded from all sales and has not been marked down in price.

As I noticed that this coat was selling out in many sizes, I decided to buy it in the practical navy blue color before it was gone, sale or no sale. Honestly, it's the best purchase I've made all season. The coat is a substantial weight and is very high in quality. It zips closed and snaps, too!

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I love the flattering shape of the coat and the lines of the zippers that seem to slim my waist and give shape when other winter coats seem boxy. The parka does seem to be slightly oversized and fits nicely over layers of a shirt and sweater. I ordered online to get a petite size and I'm glad that I did. This coat is a petite size 4.

As a bonus, the hood is incredibly large and warm.

Although I had my fingers crossed for an early spring, I'm ready to face whatever else is in store for us this winter with this amazing parka.


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