Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Valentine Printable + Pink Lilly OOTD

Oh to be an elementary school student...I fondly remember spending what seemed to be hours painstakingly decorating the perfect box for my valentines. Back in the day, we made our boxes from old shoe boxes and whatever materials we could find. After decorating the mailbox, I carefully selected valentines for everyone in my class. I didn't want the message to be misunderstood by my fellow classmates, especially the boys. I mean, maybe the boy really would think that I was "bananas for him" if I gave the scratch and sniff  monkey valentine to him! The valentines that said basic things like "U R Cool" and "Wild" were usually safe bets for boys when I was in elementary school.

Elementary school students get valentines from everyone! A child might get 20 or more valentines, along with some candy and maybe a sticker or a pencil. I always carefully read each valentine and felt like the most popular girl in the entire world as a young girl.

So what happens to us as we get older? Don't we still need Valentine's Day love from our friends? I say that we do!

This year, my daughters are in the 8th grade. When we started to talk about valentines, they immediately responded that they wanted to give little treats to their friends. They settled on some cute stickers from Tiny Prints and put them on some cute boxes of conversation hearts. I am tickled to report that many of their friends also exchanged valentines. Tiny details like a box of conversation hearts or a lollipop made Natalia and Alexia so happy. Before packing the candy up to take to school, I discovered the boxes arranged on top of Alexia's bed. The brightly colored boxes blend in with the comforter.

lilly pulitzer lucky charms comforter heart

I'm spreading the Valentine's Day love at the school where I work, too! I have conversation hearts in Spanish for my AP students, scented erasers for Spanish 2 students, and little bags of Hershey's Kisses for other teachers.

valentine candy treats

Spread the Valentine's Day cheer with everyone this year. You'll make someone smile and they'll appreciate the kind gesture. My friend Melinda and I were talking about some of the cute expressions on valentines that we used to send as children so I decided to create a printable valentine for you! Please feel free to share and print this little message.

free printable valentine whale you be my valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm wearing pink as much as I possibly can this week. Today's outfit is the Emerson tunic from Lilly Pulitzer along with some Pixie pants from J. Crew and some fab accessories.

lilly pulitzer emerson tunic


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