Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Style a Tulle Skirt

With the release of the new Cinderella movie, everyone is thinking about how to channel your inner Cinderella. I love the look of a tulle skirt, but to be honest, I had to pair it carefully in order to avoid looking like a 5 year old or a ballerina.

A soft black sweater tones down the adorable tulle skirt. Add chic black wedges and some bangles and the skirt is transformed.

sweater  //  tulle skirt  // black wedges (old, but you can get some here, or similar ones here)
Here's another fantastic look for the tulle skirt.
chambray shirt  //  tulle skirt  //  kate spade bag (40% off!)
How would you style a tulle skirt? 



  1. I bought a tulle skirt last year at H&M in the same color. It is a midi and I cut the middle layer of tulle out at the waistband so it wouldn't be so full. I wear it with a light beige v-neck cashmere sweater, which covers the waist band and some fun multicolored ballet flats that have some light brown in them. I was surprised it worked....I think the trick was cutting out the middle layer of tulle, so it lays flatter. A sales lady at Nordstrom complimented me on how I was wearing the skirt 'perfectly'. Whew!

    1. Sounds perfect! I had seen a lot of tulle skirts that were super poufy, but I loved this one because it didn't add any extra fluff where I don't need it.




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