Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jack Rogers: The Look for Less

Today we're finally going to have some warmer weather come our way, even if it's only for an hour or two! I'm eagerly awaiting sandal weather. I love my Jack Rogers and wear them often, but at the price I pay for them, I avoid wearing expensive sandals in the rain or where I know they would get ruined.

Last summer, when I was planning my Disney trip, I found some incredibly inexpensive alternatives to Jack Rogers. I figured that it wouldn't matter if the summer rain storms drenched the sandals or if the soles wore thin after walking around the parks. Miraculously, the sandals stood up to that trip and other subsequent trips. What a great $20 investment!

So how can you get the Jack Rogers look for less?

Go Faux:
It's relatively easy to find sandals that are similar to Jack Rogers in basic colors like silver, gold, and black. At $24, these sandals are a steal and are a great substitute. The sandals have a cushioned sole and are quite comfortable.

look for less jack rogers faux hotcakes sandals

Go Custom:
White sandals make a perfect canvas for you to paint or personalize your sandals with your favorite Lilly print. There are lots of Etsy sellers who customize sandals or you could try it yourself with the help of a little transfer paper and acrylic paint.

Shop Sales:
I never pay full price for my Jack Rogers. Check websites like 6pm, Neiman Marcus, and Amazon for great sales.

Go Beyond Basic:
Don't limit yourself to basic colors. I found two pairs of cork sandals with two very different price points. The first pair of cork sandals is only $27 with free shipping. They're not original Jack Rogers, but look very much like the real deal.

jack rogers look alike for less cork sandals

These cork Jack Rogers Navajo sandals are the real deal and I found them on sale! 

jack rogers cork sandals on sale

Have a great day!


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