Monday, March 9, 2015

Rocksbox: Free 1st Month of Designer Jewelry

I love subscription boxes. Getting a subscription box in the mail is like getting Christmas presents once a month. Rocksbox is a unique subscription service that allows shine insiders access to unlimited pieces of designer jewelry every month for only $19. Since each box contains three pieces of jewelry and has a value of around $200, this is a fantastic deal.

My first box was free and you can get your first box for free, too, with a special code that I have for you.

When I joined Rocksbox, I took a style survey and chose a few pieces that I liked. When my first box arrived, I actually squealed out loud. I love everything! With the Rocksbox subscription, I borrow the pieces as long as I want, returning them and getting three new pieces in exchange whenever it suits me. I like these items so much, that I may end up buying at least two of them at discounted prices offered by Rocksbox. Subscribers also get $10 to spend towards jewelry every month.

The jewelry arrived in a pretty box with a personalized note. Something about seeing my name in print makes me smile.

rocksbox 1st month free promo code

My personalized note described each of the pieces in the box. I was really excited to open the box at this point because I saw that it included some of my favorite brands like Gorjana and Loren Hope.

rocksbox 1st month free promo code

Each piece is carefully wrapped and is brand new in the original packaging. A pre-printed return shipping label is included.

rocksbox 1st month free promo code gorjana designer jewelry

My favorite pieces are the Gorjana circle stud earrings and the Perry Street Flora crystal necklace. The three pieces work perfectly together. I'm not sure it that is the case with every box, but this set is so perfectly matched. The stylist chose some fantastic pieces based on my style survey.

rocksbox 1st month free promo code gorjana designer jewelry

After my first month of Rocksbox, I am 100% sold on this unique designer subscription box. At only $19 and with $10 a month to spend towards jewelry on the website, it's an easy decision. Between the girls and me, I spend much more than that a month on jewelry that is not nearly as high quality as the pieces that I received in this subscription box.

Get your first Rocksbox for free with the code marylandpinkandgreenxoxo.

I'd love to see the jewelry that you receive in your first Rocksbox. Please share a picture and let me know how you like the service.


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