Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shift Dress Banner

Recently, I told you that I received the Silhouette Cameo as a gift for Valentine's Day. Let me tell you that I LOVE this machine and have been experimenting with it almost every day. My second project is a shift dress banner in pink and green. Although I have quite a learning curve ahead of me, I am pleased with the results.

lilly pulitzer shift dress banner pink

I created the shift dress cut file by modifying an image that I found of a cookie cutter. Then I cut out the dresses and lace-like trim in different colored cardstock. Finally, I glued the pieces together and hung the little shift dresses with mini-clothespins.

lilly pulitzer shift dress banner pink

The possibilities for this pattern are endless. For a shift dress theme party, a banner, invitations, party favors, and more could share this whimsical design. My next challenge is to cut fabric! Imagine a shift dress banner made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric. Heaven!

My favorite shift dress of the moment is the Pearl Lace Detail Shift dress in the poolside blue First Impression print.

lilly pulitzer pearl lace detail shift dress poolside blue first impression




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