Monday, March 30, 2015

Wheels Up: How I Pack a Suitcase

The girls and I are packed and ready to go to Mexico! Packing for a trip is always fun. I love to plan and organize before the trip. Today I'm sharing some of my best packing strategies that work well for me and have helped me to travel lightly, while bringing everything that I could possibly need or want in my suitcase.

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How I Pack for a Trip

1. Plan: Planning my packing list ensures that I bring everything that I need and don't give in to the temptation to bring too many pairs of shoes while forgetting my passport. I do try to bring items that coordinate or complement each other so that I can pair things differently if needed. The weather tends to change frequently and indoor climate control varies so much, so I always pack a light jacket or sweater and an umbrella.

2. Protect: Protect delicate clothing and prevent wrinkles by lining items with tissue paper. Tissue paper prevents snags on this beaded tunic. Using tissue paper also eliminates most wrinkles. I've tried rolling my clothing, but prefer to fold it in the tissue paper and stack similar sizes and shapes together. The more compactly your bag is packed, the less the contents will shift during transit. Fill all of the open spaces in the bag.

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3. Prevent: Although you can find a pharmacy no matter where you go, it's better to bring any medication that you'll need with you, so that you're not searching for something at the last minute. Remember to pack prescription medication in your carry on bag. Liquids and gels should be 3 ounces or less if they're in your carry on bag. I'm very loyal to my shampoo and conditioner brand, so I fill small travel bottles to bring with me.

I tucked a smaller bag into my checked suitcase so that I have plenty of room for treasures that I find on the trip!

Stay tuned for some updates from my trip later this week!

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