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Adventure at the #LillyForTarget Launch Party

You're in for a treat this afternoon, because my sweet friend Courtney is here on Maryland Pink and Green as a guest blogger. She spills the juice about her adventure last night at the #LillyForTarget launch party!

Lilly Pulitzer Target Launch Party Invitation Review

On Wednesday We Buy Pink
My Adventure at the #LillyForTarget Launch Party

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting down the days until #LillyForTarget launches – searching Insta for new product photos and any tidbits to be had about the launch, scouring the Look Book and making your wish list, and pondering why in the world Mr. Big is in the Lilly Target commercial.

So I shouted “Amen! Yes Please!” when I was invited to Wednesday night’s #LillyForTarget launch party in Bryant Park in NYC. The party was held at the Bryant Park Grill and was everything you would expect a LP party to be – swanky, glamorous (celebs like Kate Bosworth, Emmy Rossum, Camille Alves, former LP model Bella Thorne attended) and most of all, FUN (pass the bubbly please!).

We were greeted with warm Southern hospitality and offered a glass of champagne upon entering the party. DJ Kiss provided the entertainment (against a bright fuschia backdrop of course) and the space was divided into two main areas – the shopping area and the lounge/bar area. Of course we beelined immediately for the shopping area!

There was a palpable upbeat, fun energy while party goers shopped – the clothes were lined up in rows and the home goods were displayed beautifully in the center of the room on white shelf units. The majority of people swarmed the clothing area – you definitely had to be persistent and navigate close quarters to score shift dresses (flying off the racks while I was there!).

I had one priority – to get shift dresses for myself and my Minnie. There were so many gorgeous items displayed throughout the room but I kept laser focus as I searched for the shift dresses. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of all the clothing – the fabric, craftsmanship, fit and attention to detail are very true to Lilly. I honestly don’t know that I would be able to tell the difference fit/feel wise if I blindly tried on a LP dress vs a LP Target dress.

lilly for target launch party in new york

Fabric: Excellent quality. Shift dresses include the traditional Lilly liner. They don’t include the lace ribbon (not sure the actual term) that is often included on the inside of Lilly shifts to finish the look (and cover the seams). The quality of the dresses does seem a tad better than the caftans. Also, the toddler shorts are a bit thin (but so are the traditionally Lilly toddler shorts so that didn’t surprise me.

Fit: Excellent. Everything we tried on at home after the party fit like a glove and was very flattering and very true to the Lilly silhouette.

Size: Toddler sizing is typical measurements (18 mo, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T). Women’s sizing is mixed – some shifts were listed numerically, (8, 10, 12, etc and some were listed with Target sizing [L (10/12), XL (14/16), etc]. Some people speculated that the collection would fit more like a typical Target line but I disagree – to me, it fit very much like Lilly (perhaps not as small as some Lilly items have been recently).

Attention to Detail: Blew me away – lots of little unexpected surprises. Very true to the Lilly Pulitzer brand. Gold thread on drawstrings, pompom rickrack on shorts, contrasting zipper detailing on the shift dresses, pineapple zipper handles. I included a few close-up photos of the details. Even the shopping bags (be still my heart!) and tags on the clothes (a bold fuchsia box outlined in gold) were very classy.

The Target team did a fantastic job keeping the shopping area well stocked and the checkout line moving (using portable credit card devices). Some folks from the Lilly corporate team attended and you could just sense a genuine, excited vibe from both the Lilly and Target teams. What an awesome, well done collaboration.

lilly pulitzer lilly for target haul launch party nyc

As you make your final wish list for Sunday, here are some tips and tidbits I overheard at the party for scoring what you want:

Get Your Starbucks Ready!: Target confirmed the collection will go online between 12-2am CST (not sure if it will be all at once or in intervals). This is an awesome chance to score tier 1 items from your wish list (and larger home goods that you will weigh you down running, er walking, in store.

Divide and Conquer: Although many Target stores say they don’t expect early morning lines, I find that hard to believe and recommend getting in line early (stores open at 8am Sunday). Might as well bring your Ipad and search the collection online while you stake out your spot in front of the store at 5am J Also, bribe bring a friend to divide and conquer (one of you take home goods, the other clothing to increase your odds of scoring items).

Know What’s Online: Make sure you check the lookbook (it states whether item is sold online when you click on each item – plus size, some accessories and toddler items (some shorts) are online only). Also, Target has confirmed that all stores (Super Targets, City Targets) will carry the collection.

Target Account: Make sure you have an account set up with your address and payment information saved – seconds matter when the hunt, er, shop is on.

Use Multiple Browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox): I learned this the hard way with previous LP sales. You don’t know when things will crash or whether one platform will be more efficient.

Return Policy: The Lilly collaboration has a special return policy of only 14 days (as opposed to Target's normal 90-day return policy) so make sure you don’t miss that deadline. Also, if your Target runs out, keep an eye out for the 2 weeks following in case people return items.

Good luck on Sunday, fellow Lilly lovers! And remember, “Anything is possible with a little pink!”

lilly for target launch party in new york game plan guide

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