Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five: Sunshine + Sparkle

Happy Friday!

1. Blue and bling: This week has been incredibly dreary and rainy. I've needed to wear a jacket every day, especially in the mornings when the air is quite crisp. On Monday, I switched over my closet from winter to spring clothing even though I'm still piling on the layers. When I wore blue chambray with a black dot Calinda Printed Scarf and Barbour jacket, I received so many compliments. The necklace is a bit of added bling and was part of my Rocksbox set this month. Remember that you can get your first month free at Rocksbox with BETHANYBFF66.

barbour international coat garnet hill calinda printed scarf

2. Sunshine: After a rainy week, I'm ready to soak up some sunshine. At school, we're planning a door decorating contest to celebrate spring and the theme is "sunshine." I'm plotting some ideas with my student aides because the door decorating contests can get pretty competitive. Here's what my door looks like right now.

3. Lilly Pulitzer: The newest releases from Lilly Pulitzer are fantastic and the sneak previews that I have seen for summer are even better. Right now I'm loving the "Big Flirt" print, especially the Maisy Strappy Slip Dress.

4. Target: I always seem to end up at Target at least once a week, but lately I've found myself thinking about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection as the release date approaches. This week I found so many delightful nautical accessories, trays, and pillows that would look fantastic on my porch. Luckily I have two porches at my house, so there is plenty of space for these goodies and the Lilly Pulitzer items.

nautical pink and navy target octopus pillow lobster pillow coral

5. Fitness: Things always seem to operate in a cycle. When my daughters were babies, everyone always told me to take a nap when they were napping. It was quite difficult to manage, but resting (even for 10 minutes!) while the girls were sleeping helped me keep my sanity. Now that my daughters are almost in high school, their needs are different, but still require a lot of my time and attention. Lately, I've become the official driver of the girls, shuttling them between all of their activities. Sometimes it's impossible for me to go home or to do any of my own work, but I decided to use these little chunks of time for myself. I've been walking or exercising while they are doing their activities. I've noticed that I'm getting stronger and that the activities don't tire me as much as they did in the past. It feels good to do this for myself while being a good mom (and a good example!) for my daughters.

Hope that you're having a fantastic week!


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