Wednesday, April 22, 2015

White Eyelet and Denim

Now that my daughters are officially wearing women's clothing all of the time, it's sometimes a challenge to find affordable picks for every day wear. It seems like just yesterday when I wrote this post about my "twincesses." Almost overnight, they've jumped from the children's department and are now wearing women's clothing. Depending on the designer, the price difference between children's and women's styles is quite a dramatic jump.

Both of my girls enjoy shopping and give their opinions about their preferences. Luckily, I like their style since they mirror my taste in clothing. Of course, I suppose that I have created a little bit of a problem for my clothing budget, but it's alright with me. When we found something beyond basic at a great price like the dress featured today, we say yes to the little white dress.

Eyelet and denim is one of my favorite combinations because it is feminine and fun. It's a timeless look for all ages that never goes out of style. Natalia is polished and pretty in this outfit that is comfortable and presentable for a variety of occasions. Whether it's school, parties, or weekend events, the eyelet dress paired with the denim jacket is a perfect choice. Generally, my girls take time to plan their outfits in order to avoid the temptation to wear black yoga pants and a sweatshirt to school every day.

Eyelet Dress  //  Denim Jacket, old (similar, on sale)  //  Boots 
Here are some other adorable eyelet dresses that add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. Depending on how you accessorize and wear the dress, it can be worn for a casual wedding or graduation.
Top Left (50% off)  //  Top Right (30% off)
Bottom Left (30% off)  //  Lilly Pulitzer (50% off!)


  1. I love the combo of eyelet and denim together. I have a white eyelet dress that I've been wearing for years. It's definitely a classic!

    1. You're so right! A good eyelet dress is something that you can wear for years.



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