Monday, May 11, 2015

EU Open House

On Saturday, took a shortcut to Europe with the European Union Embassies' Open House held in Washington, DC. For the past few years, we have participated in this exciting event filled with fun, food, and culture. Lines at the embassies this year stretched around the block; we waited for quite a bit for some embassies and more people crowded the event than in previous years. Our first stop of the day was Spain. Since John and I travel to Spain in a month, we wanted to taste a Spanish tortilla to whet our appetites for delicious food. On a funny note, I noticed that the background music playing at one point was a Mexican group called OV7. Yes, the music was in the Spanish language, but it was Mexican, not Spanish.  It's a minor detail that no one except me with my knowledge of 90's Mexican pop music would know!

embassy of spain eu open house

Next, we visited the Embassy of Poland. Although I've never visited Poland, this quick introduction to the country piqued my interest. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland is the longest-serving embassy building in Washington, DC. Interactive activities like a puzzle, dough making, and searching for hidden amber in the sand delighted Natalia and Alexia. I loved the pierogi and herring salad that the Executive Chef prepared. So delicious.

embassy of poland eu open house

Billboards and backdrops encouraged guests to take pictures. "Look, Mom! It's one of those backdrops from an awards show!"

eu open house shortcut to europe
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Lithuania is located just a short walk from Poland. Along the way, we picked up a lot of great swag from each embassy including chocolate, candy, promotional items, and seeds.

tory burch drawstring t shirt dress eu open house washington dc
More treats awaited us at the Embassy of Lithuania. I especially loved the craft artisans working on their art.

embassy of lithuania eu open house washington dc

We started our European tour at 10 a.m. and took a quick break for lunch, but it was already 2 p.m. when we decided to join the very long line to see Belgium. Luckily, the girls protected their skin from the sun with these chic hats they picked up from Poland. We waited almost an hour to visit the Embassy of Belgium, but the wait was worth it.

eu open house shortcut to europe line at belgium

During our visit, we enjoyed some Belgium beer and chocolates while we learned about history and culture.

eu open house shortcut to europe belgium

Admission is free at the EU Open House, but be sure to bring your id to show at the embassy. You'll also have to pass through a metal detector or some kind of security check at each embassy. Learn more about this annual event at

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