Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five: Mother's Day + Travel

Happy Friday! As I glance at my calendar for May, I realize that this is going to be an incredibly busy month with so many fun activities planned and so many things to do. Here are five things that are on my mind this week!

School: I'm preparing my students for the AP Spanish exam that they take next Thursday. The test is incredibly rigorous and requires a high level of language proficiency. Although my class is made up of non-native speakers, students perform well on this test. Last year the average score for my students was a 4, which if you are familiar with AP scoring, is incredible.

So many students tell me how glad they are to have had the AP experience and that their language skills are still strong. Two of my former students who are now in college sent a postcard and print from the Picasso museum in Barcelona to me from a trip that they recently took. How sweet that they remembered that Las Meninas is one of my favorite paintings.

picasso museum barcelona

Travel: This week I met with a group of students who will travel with me to Spain in just over a month. We plan to visit Madrid and Barcelona during this trip. We discussed final details like flight and hotel arrangements and the excitement on the girls' faces is palpable. Although I have been planning this trip for about a year, it finally seems "real." I love to see familiar sites through their eyes and look forward to a fantastic trip. Travel is an amazing investment that brings life-long returns. As much as I love clothing, bags, and shoes, I would gladly trade all of it for an amazing trip of a lifetime.

park guell barcelona gaudi

Healthy Snacks: I love snacks. Snacks tempt me all day and often ruin the best laid diet plans. During the summer heat or when I'm away from home, healthy snacks like fresh fruit, carrots and celery sticks wilt in the weather conditions without a cooler and a lot of preparation. Although fresh is best, freeze dried fruit offers a delicious snack option for travel or anytime that you're on the go. Pop this pouch in your beach bag or backpack for a delicious, crunchy treat at any time.

simply balanced berry blend freeze dried fruit

Mother's Day:  Mother's Day is just around the corner! Treat your mother to something special without breaking the bank.

Spring: Today is the last day with temperatures under 70 degrees for the next two weeks and let me tell you, I'm thrilled. I switched over my summer closet a few weeks ago and have been piling on sweaters and jackets to keep the cold air at bay. Finally, it looks like I'll get the dose of summer that I've been hoping to see!

This gorgeous silk dress from Lilly Pulitzer hung in my closet since the After Party Sale, almost smiling at me. Finally, I took the Joanna dress on a maiden voyage and am in LOVE. Paired with a lilac cardigan, a great necklace, and sandals, so many people complimented the look.

Have a wonderful start to the weekend!

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  1. Not sure how you do it all, but love that you're taking a group of students to exciting! Good luck to your students on their AP exam! I'm a SAHM now, but taught middle school French and Spanish for many years, such a fun job! And I remember seeing Las Meninas in HS when Velazquez was at the Met in NYC, amazing exhibit! Have a great weekend!



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