Monday, May 18, 2015

Quiz: Which Lilly Pulitzer Print Are You?

Every Lilly Pulitzer print tells a unique story. A fun print takes you to another place or evokes images of animals, tropical locales, or something else just as exciting. Even as I sit at work in Maryland on a cold winter day, a colorful print transports me to somewhere sunny.

Whether it's an Elsa top or a shift dress, as soon as I buy something in a new print, I immediately examine it to find the hidden Lilly signature. My girls and I play a game to see who can find the Lilly signature first. It's the grown up version of the hidden pictures that I enjoyed in every issue of Highlights as a child.

Take this fun quiz to see which Lilly Pulitzer print you are!

quiz what lilly pulitzer print are you fun quiz preppy

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