Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beach Bag Essentials

Different collections of bags fill my closet. Purses hold my daily essentials and tote bags haul student work and papers to grade.

But my beach bag holds a special place in my heart. When I carry a beach bag, I know that it’s a going to be a fun day, full of adventure and sun. A beach bag represents a break from the daily routine, from work, and from the “real world,” even if it’s just for a while. So what’s in my beach bag?

First, a good beach bag withstands the sand and holds a day’s worth of goodies. I like large sturdy canvas totes like these. In addition to my regular beach bag, I always bring a smaller bag for wet bathing suits for the return trip and pack my money and phone in a waterproof or water resistant bag.

beach bag essentials preppy canvas tote ginger jar quite the catch tote j crew embroidered tote

First, I pack a beach towel (or two!) in the bag. Although my girls bring their own bags to the pool and the beach, it's always a good idea to have a spare towel. I love soft, oversized beach towels. Then I pack a little cosmetic bag with different sunscreens and lip balm with sunscreen. To protect my skin from the sun, I opt for a matte formula with a high SPF for my face and an easy to use spray for my body. For a chic look, I sometimes love the mysterious look of a wide brimmed straw hat, while other days I simply toss on a monogrammed baseball hat. Sunglasses keep me from squinting and disguise my afternoon nap. Although I entertain myself quite a bit by people watching, I bring other things to keep me occupied on the beach. This summer I have set a goal to read every day and have a list of books to devour. Yesterday I started to read Enrique's Journey and am completely engrossed in this moving story.
preppy beach bag essentials cabana towel hampton sun spray ray ban book

To top off the perfect beach bag, I'll include one of my favorite Tervis tumblers, a few drinks, and a snack.

What's in your beach bag?

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  1. If you've not already read Enrique's's a great book, but not a beach read! It's super sad and kind of makes you just want to sit in darkness for a few hours after finishing. But hey, I do recommend the book!



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