Monday, July 13, 2015

Wonderful Weekend Adventures

What did you do this weekend? For me, the weekend was filled with fun and activities. I started the weekend by taking Natalia and Alexia to the UDA poms camp. They are thrilled that they made the high school team, but I can hardly believe that they will be in high school next year!

The girls' youth minister told me about a fun event in Damascus, Maryland. Volunteers from local civic organizations and business representatives organize the exciting event that helps to benefit the volunteer fire department. A parade, fireworks, and festival make up this family-friendly event. We toured a fire safety house and saw fire trucks and other equipment. But the highlight of my visit came when I met one of my childhood heroes, Smokey the Bear! I always loved him as a child.

preppy maryland blogger smokey the bear
Black Half Sleeve Dress  //  Necklace  //  Sunglasses

At the carnival outside of Damascus Community Bank, the children enjoyed face painting, balloon art, a cash machine, and more. A DJ played music and encouraged visitors to sing karaoke. For every song that participants sang, the bank made a donation to the fire department. Singing is a passion that runs in my blood, so the youth pastor easily persuaded me to sing karaoke. How could I resist karaoke for a good cause?

Although the selection of songs numbered in the thousands, I immediately looked to an 80s icon, Pat Benatar. Within minutes, I held the microphone and belted out "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." A group of tweens cheered me on and clapped when I finished. I admit that I had way too much fun singing karaoke.  

On Sunday, we attended an Orioles game. The Orioles played the Nationals, with fans packing the stadium. John said that it looked more like a playoff game because of the crowds. Of course, it helped that the first several thousand fans received an Orioles Hawaiian shirt when they entered the stadium. We arrived early and received shirts! Yay!

orioles nationals game at camden yards

Although the Orioles didn't win the game, we enjoyed the experience, the game, and the people watching. I wore a pink polo dress to stay cool in the summer heat. From the other side of the stadium, I looked like a speck of pink in a sea of orange!

preppy maryland blogger at orioles game vineyard vines dress


  1. Love going to baseball games! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope that you're having a fabulous week, too. I LOVE the excitement of live sporting events.



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