Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Organize An Agenda + 8 Fab Agendas

Although most traditional calendars begin in January, I prefer to use an agenda that starts at the beginning of a new school year. Stay organized and be successful this year at school by using an academic planner. 

With busy schedules and lots of activities, my girls and I use our agendas to keep track of everything. This year, we have all opted for an agenda from Lilly Pulitzer. I chose the jumbo size so that I can include details such as meetings, addresses, and other plans in a larger space. From year to year, I save my agenda because it is a fantastic record of everything that we have done. 

kate spade agenda lilly pulitzer agenda bando agenda preppy agenda

Since I manage the schedules of several people, I color code items in my agenda for each person so I know who is doing which activity. My girls use a color coding system with a different color for school activities like homework, poms practices and games, social appointments, and church/volunteer activities. By looking at the agenda, it's instantly obvious what activities are happening.

I use the month at a glance page for important dates to remember with appointments and special days, while the weekly/daily pages of the agenda offer more space to record details about each day.

The best way to stay on top of things in your schedule is to write things down as soon as you hear about them. I take my agenda everywhere, so that I am always prepared. Every Sunday evening, I outline the coming week and note any special activities.

How do you use an agenda? What things help you to stay organized?


  1. I must admit I have switched entirely to keeping everything on my iphone.

    1. It's funny that you say that, because I use a Google Calendar that sends alerts to my phone, but there's something that I love about seeing a week or a month at a glance on paper.



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