Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Shop the After Party Sale

Good morning! While you're waiting for the official sale to start at Lilly Pulitzer, prepare with some tips and get some shopping done before everyone else.

Shop now at Amazon and beat the rush! Amazon offers an amazing selection of Lilly at about 50% off retail. I spotted a Scuba to Cuba Skipper Popover for $62 and fast, free shipping. Shop right now for dozens of items that might be on your list.

after party sale lilly pulitzer skipper popover scuba to cuba

The Annabelle Shift Dress is another fantastic pick at 50% off the original price.

The Cathy Shift in Skye Blue Heaven was at the top of my list. See all of the Lilly Pulitzer sale items on Amazon here.

Mark your calendar and set your alarm to be ready to shop Lilly Pulitzer’s sale this morning. In order to help you complete your Lilly shopping wish list, I have some tips to help you shop the sale. Even if you're familiar with the sale or have read my tips for previous sales, I have a quick update for you.    

Here’s the scoop. Your first step to get ready for the After Party Sale is to create an account or make sure that your account is up to date.  By creating your account in advance, you’ll be ready to check-out easily and quickly. Speed is the key during this 2-day sale. The one who clicks fastest buys the dress!

Things are not held in your shopping cart during the sale. I’ve had things jump out of my cart while I was shopping. It’s true!

Decide which items are at the top of your list and shop for those first. Complete the check-out process quickly. Don’t worry about having multiple orders; it’s better to check-out early and often to ensure that you get what you want since Lilly Pulitzer has free shipping during the sale.This year, you'll be put back in "virtual line" after each order. I recommend that you use multiple devices to shop.

After clothing, I usually find my favorite things in the accessories category. In previous years, I’ve been able to pick up great birthday gifts and little treats as well as some specialty items like tablecloths. Many previous gift with purchase items are also available; a great perk of the sale, especially since we all can’t usually spring $1,000 for the GWP when it is offered. I expect that there will be a good amount of sorority items like scarves and dry erase boards. There might even be a gift with purchase this year.

The After Party Sale offers an opportunity to pick up some Lilly Pulitzer at a great price. Although the majority of the items are probably best suited for warm weather, there are many ways to wear your Lilly in the fall. I add cardigans, tights, and boots to my favorite dresses so that I can wear them even on a cold day. Now that both of my girls are officially wearing women’s sizes, I plan to buy lots of shorts and skirts for them.

Although some items will sell out quickly, don’t worry if you are at work or school on Monday morning. The sale lasts for two days and it seems like new things appear for sale periodically throughout the event. Believe me, you’ll be able to find some great goodies and the prices are truly unbelievable. This year, Lilly Pulitzer stores will offer the online sale prices for merchandise that they have in stock at the store. If you have a corporate store close to you, it might be worth a trip to see what they have. I've also had fantastic luck at Signature Stores. 

Remember to check out the selection at and Zappos, too.

What do you want to buy in the After Party sale this year?

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