Monday, August 3, 2015

Preppy Essentials for High School

Time flies. It seems like just yesterday that the girls' back to school list included smocked dresses and Mary Janes, but this year, Natalia and Alexia start high school! Although their preppy style has (thankfully!) remained constant, the items on the shopping list change as they are older.

Today I'm sharing some preppy essentials that top the back to school shopping lists of high school students.

preppy essentials for high school students chacos longchamp lokai hunter boots lilly pulitzer
vest  //  earrings (30% off!) //  graphic tee  //  sandals (35% off!)
bag  //  iPhone 6 case  //  bracelet
shorts  //  tumbler  //  Hunter boots (40% off!)  //  shirt (40% off!)

Clothing: Currently, we're shopping for two types of clothing for back to school: school clothes and athletic clothes. For school, vests worn over a long sleeve tee or oxford shirt is popular. My girls prefer black yoga pants or stretchy pants over jeans, although they still do wear jeans quite a bit. Shep shirts, worn with everything from jeans to shorts, rotate heavily in preppy fall wardrobe. Natalia and Alexia still wear dresses and skirts to school several times a week and love to plan "fancy" days with their friends. Since most students practice sports after school, we carefully shop for athletic clothing, too. Long gone are the days of unattractive or frumpy gym shorts. Girls show their preppy flair with colorful athletic shorts with gorgeous embroidery or prints paired with cute graphic tees. They love Simply Southern and Lauren James shirts.

Shoes: Fashionable footwear is important for any type of weather. When the temperatures are still warm, girls prefer Chacos or Jack Rogers sandals. I always try to buy Jack Rogers on sale, like these. Hunter boots make a perfect choice for a rainy day and Frye boots top the list for cold weather style.

Accessories: Now that the girls have their Lilly Pulitzer agenda and plan to use their old Vera Bradley backpacks and matching lunch boxes from last year, I only need to pick up a few accessories and jewelry to complete their wardrobe. Right now, Lokai bracelets are popular along with anything monogrammed or from Dogeared.

Do you shop for "back to school?"


  1. Very accurate list!

    XO, Semirah



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