Thursday, August 27, 2015

Annapolis Visit

Recently the girls and I visited Annapolis, Maryland. Our day trip offered a delightful glimpse at 4 centuries worth of rich history. We explored the city by foot, logging over 15,000 steps in the day. I love the beautiful houses in the residential area of downtown Annapolis.

lilly pulitzer marlowe dress red right return annapolis maryland blogger
Marlowe Dress  //  Shoes

I hope to find a pineapple decoration like this one for my house. 

annapolis maryland pineapple house decoration preppy blogger

After a guided visit to the State House and the Naval Academy, we visited the Paca House and Gardens. If you visit Annapolis, I highly recommend a visit to all of these places. We're taking a break from the sun in the beautiful gardens at the Paca House.

annapolis maryland lilly pulitzer paca house preppy blogger

My friend Wendy recommended the Iron Rooster and I am so glad that she did! Instead of bread or rolls, we began our meal with BACON. So delicious. The chicken and biscuits tasted like heaven and the salads are huge.

annapolis maryland iron rooster bacon preppy blogger

As a special treat, we ended our delicious meal with a home made pop tart. It was pure heaven.

annapolis maryland iron rooster homemade pop tart


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! My boyfriend's family lives in Annapolis, but I have yet to visit - his sister is getting married soon in Downtown Annapolis so I'm looking forward to the trip!

    1. I'm sure the wedding will be stunning. There is a lot of great shopping in the downtown area.

  2. Yet again you help me manage my homesickness…..though I adore living north of Boston I dearly miss the DC area, Frederick and the Eastern Shore. I must get your dress!

  3. Annapolis is such a great city to explore. I'll have to check out the Iron Rooster!

    1. You'll love it! I am eager to return there again soon.



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