Thursday, December 10, 2015


During the month of December, I plan to wear a dress every day.  The Dressember Foundation uses fashion to advocate for women who've been exploited for their femininity. As I wear a dress for the 31 days of December, I advocate for the inherent dignity of all women.

Along with dozens of National Honor Society members and many other teachers at the school where I work, I collaborate this month to raise awareness and funding for the victims of human trafficking. "It’s estimated that there are currently over 30 million people trapped in slavery—more than any other point in history." That number is absolutely astounding to me. 

preppy teacher blogger dressember mud pie brooke dress maryland pink and green
Dress (less than $20!) /  Boots

Wearing a dress for an entire month offers more than fun fashion or a professional appearance; it's an opportunity to share stories with others. Founder Blythe Hill's Ted Talk resonated with me and made me realize how many women live in fear and danger around the world.

preppy teacher blogger dressember lilly pulitzer flamingo scarf maryland pink and green
Scarf  /  Dress  /  Cardigan  /  Shoes

The excitement in the school continues to grow and many students tell me that they plan to continue to raise money and awareness about this problem long after the month of December ends. I am happy to be a part of such a positive movement.

preppy teacher blogger dressember lilly pulitzer marlowe dress lets cha cha maryland pink and green
Necklace  /  Dress  /  Boots

Please consider a $1 donation to my Dressember Foundation Fundraising page.

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