Monday, January 25, 2016

After Blizzard Clean Up + Draper James 75% Sale

We're slowly trying to dig out of all of the snow from this weekend's blizzard. Truly, it's a monumental task that will take quite a bit of time. Since I couldn't get to the gym, I did the next best thing...the shoveling snow aka crossfit workout. Seriously, shoveling + feet of snow from the front and back of the house gave me quite a workout, but we did it! John and I cleared our front porch, entrance, sidewalk, back patio, walkway to the garage, and the area behind the garage. In some places, the snow drifts were almost 5 feet tall.

Our cars are in the garage which backs onto an alley. The alley has not been touched, so we're essentially trapped for the time being. Hopefully a plow will get to us soon.

After our hard work, we took a walk around the neighborhood.

I'm standing directly in the middle of a busy, highly transited street that serves as a primary entrance to the neighborhood. There's only one driving lane open at this point!

Parka  /  Gloves  /  Scarf  /  Boots

If you've ever wanted to order from Draper James, but were reluctant to purchase because of the price point, today's your lucky day! Get up to 75% off original retail prices with the Lucky You Sale. Highlights of the sale include: 

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