Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard + Easy Pizza Bread Recipe

What do I do when I'm at home weathering a historic blizzard? I cook and eat the grocery store panic purchases! Truly, every day prior to the storm, I thought of at least one thing that I "needed" to pick up from the store. Being a perpetual girl scout, I already had bottled water, candles, bread, and the like, but these latest necessities offered more comfort than anything else.

I now have ingredients for at least 4 crock pot dishes as well as necessary items for brownie sundae supreme including everything needed to bake brownies, ice cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, and Cool Whip. Add random bags of chips, granola bars, and other treats to the list and we're prepared to stay in the house for quite a while if needed. Of course, I picked up a box of clementines and have bananas and other fruit on hand, too!

Last night I tried a recipe that I had seen floating around on Facebook and Pinterest for pizza bread. The end result tasted amazing.

easy pull apart pizza bread recipe bundt pan

The pepperoni minis made my prep work easier and I simply tore the pizza dough into small pieces. I did end up adding 5 minutes to the overall bake time and had perfect results.

easy pull apart pizza bread recipe
If you're in the path of the blizzard, stay safe and warm! I'd love to know if you're making any special foods. Please share your favorite recipes in the comments.


  1. This looks delicious! Stay safe and warm! My boyfriend's family lives in Annapolis and it sounds like they're getting absolutely hammered.

    1. Thanks! Things here are pretty rough. At least the snow has stopped now and the clean up can begin.

  2. I thought of you watching The Weather Channel this morning...The boys spotted the pictures in this post and now insist we make this for tonight instead of regular pizza. Since I have all of the ingrediants, we going to make a stab at it...I see you did it in a bundt pan. Is it recommended for cooking evenness or were you being fancy? We are also making this for tonight...

    1. Those look like heaven! I'd love to know how your boys liked the pizza bread. I used a bundt pan to cook it evenly, but it did make a pretty design on it. We demolished the pizza bread so was delicious.



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