Thursday, January 14, 2016

Denim Every Day

denim quote yves saint laurent jeans denim every day

Jeans offer versatility and comfort, but most people cannot wear jeans every day. Incorporate the comfort and style of denim and chambray to your wardrobe every day. These styles work well for a myriad of activities and make perfect pieces in any season. 

denim every day anthropologie laced chambray top holding horses on sale
Laced Chambray Top (was $118, on sale for $35)

denim every day chambray keds on sale
Chambray Keds ($50, on sale for $26)

denim every day Hatley Women's Classic Tunic chambray anchors

Kate Spade New York Quilted Chambray Shift Dress on sale

Kate Spade Shift Dress (was $348, on sale for $156)

denim every day old navy chambray shirt dress

How do you wear denim every day? 

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  1. I just ordered the shirt dress...It will be great with tights and boots now and then on it's own for spring...Thanks for the tip, Bethany!



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