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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: Top 10 Tips

lilly pulitzer after party sale top ten tips preppy blogger 2015

What a great way to start 2016…with a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer sale!

Lilly Pulitzer just announced official date of the annual After Party Sale. The sale starts at 8 a.m. on Monday, January 4th, so set your alarm now. Unlike previous years, the sale this year only lasts one day--really, it’s actually less than one day, since the sale is not even 24 hours long!

1.      Go here to access the sale on Monday at 8 a.m. I’ll post updates on social media like Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow me there for the latest scoop. Again, the sale is only one day this year, ending just before midnight!

2. Create an account or update your current account and login ahead of time. Set up your account here. Login well in advance of the sale (sometimes the website is not available immediately before the sale begins!) Verify your credit card information and address for quick checkout.

3. When you arrive at the, you’ll be put in a virtual line. After check out you return to the end of the line. Don’t be deterred by crazy long predicted wait times. Last year, I was supposed to be in the virtual line for several hours but really only had to wait about 20 minutes. Save a spot in multiple virtual lines. Last year, I shopped from my phone and computer. Open several browsers (I recommend Firefox and Explorer) and check each browser periodically.

4. When you put something in your cart, keep in mind that it is not “reserved” for you. Many times, I’ve had things disappear from my cart before I was able to check out.  Prioritize your shopping and decide which items you want to buy first. If a popover is at the top of your list, look for that first and check out quickly!

5. Shipping is free, so check out early and check out often! Due to the large volume of orders, expedited shipping is not available. If you want to receive full priced merchandise quickly during the sale, I recommend that you contact a corporate store to see what other shipping options are available.

6. Shop both online and in store. Corporate stores and many signatures also participate in the sale, matching online prices, but keep in mind that stores do not open until 10 a.m. Click here to locate a store near you. At my local store, the selection looks good. ;)

7. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges are accepted during the sale. Choose sizes and items carefully since you won’t be able to modify an order once it is placed.

8. Processing times can be significantly longer during the sale. It’s not unusual for an order to be “processing” for almost a week or so. As long as you’ve received a confirmation email for your order, you’re in good shape. If your package is sent via SmartPost, expect it to take even longer to arrive.

9. Look for unique accessories or mystery items and shop for those on one of your first runs in the virtual line. I’ve purchased quite a few former gift with purchase items for fantastic prices during these sales including a picnic basket, table cloths, beach towels, and more!

10. Make a shopping priority list.  Browse the website now to plan what items you want to buy. Research the fit and style of the item and have a plan! Please leave a comment if you’d like more fit information. I’m happy to help you find the right size. You also may want to use the TrueFit sizing guide

Here are some things that are at the top of my list:

Since I’ve been taking a lot of barre classes lately, popovers serve as my go-to choice to wear with workout gear. I also gravitate towards popovers on the weekends to pair with jeans for a casual look. Although some of my popovers are a size small, I actually prefer to size UP in these for a bit of extra room.

lilly pulitzer after party sale tips popover rulebreakers print

I’ve lost count at the number of Elsa tops in my wardrobe. I wear these pretty much all year with pants and jeans. The Elsa tops fit true to size; I wear a size small.

lilly pulitzer after party sale tips elsa top first impression

The Marlowe dress is one of my favorite cotton knit dresses. Along with the super flattering Rossmore dress, these casual knit dresses work well in almost any situation. For comfort, I size up to a medium in these dresses so that it does not cling to my hips. 

lilly pulitzer after party sale tips marlowe lets cha cha print

During the cold winter months, it's often difficult to incorporate vibrant colors into my daily ensembles. Scarves add color and flair to any outfit. 

lilly pulitzer after party sale tips scarf

The scallop detail on the Buttercup shorts is precious and the Callahan shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. My daughters live in these all summer!  

Shop now for gifts to give throughout the year and save! Koozies, totes, make up bags, and tech accessories make excellent choices for gifts for any occasion. I actually keep a "prize drawer" stocked with goodies at my house because I never know when I'll need an impromptu gift! 

What's at the top of your After Party Sale wish list?


  1. Best email in a long time...Thanks for the announcement!

  2. Great post! Do you know if there will be prior seasons included in the sale like previous years, or is it safe to look at the current website for items?

    1. I would suspect that there might be one or two items from previous years that were "found" in the warehouse, but I'd expect most things to come from the "fall" and summer collections. Enjoy!



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