Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweat In Style

My daughters introduced me to an incredibly fun and addicting app called Stop! It's similar to a game of Scattergories. As a challenge, I started to compete against some dear friends in Mexico and had the idea that it might be fun for my students to play. I created a low-tech version of the game and played it in the Advanced Studies class. Students were so engaged with the activity and learned from each other by hearing what words everyone wrote.

Staying fit and losing weight are among the most common New Year's resolutions, but also the most commonly neglected. While there are many reasons people neglect their goal to get in shape, working out in the cold is less than desirable, especially with major snow events like the storm Jonas that is headed towards Maryland.

Research shows the weather has a significant impact on Americans' exercise habits, as people typically exercise more in the spring and summer and less in the fall and winter, with the amount of exercise usually dropping to its lowest point each December and slightly improving in January after the holidays. Even though I’ve tried to be diligent with my walking, the steps that I recently logged on my fitbit are much lower than they were in the summer when I was outside all day. This week I accepted a workweek challenge from a co-worker...and then I found out that he is at Disney World. I’m still giving him a “run” for the money, quite literally.

Running in the cold does not appeal to me at all, especially with the perils of ice and snow covering my path. So I choose to workout indoors during the winter. It’s often a challenge to find clothing that is warm, but not hot, for indoor workouts.

Here are some of my favorite workout picks for winter.

kate spade bow neck jacket yoga workout preppy gear

lilly pulitzer luxletic weekender pant flamingo pink space dye preppy workout yoga

zella live in capri pant preppy workout gear

In case you do decide to venture outdoors for your run, stay warm with this jacket. My daughters say that this is a lifesaver. 

patagonia nano puff jacket preppy workout gear

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