Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Williamsburg Holiday Decorations

Although I enjoy a visit to Colonial Williamsburg any time during the year, the winter holiday season paints an especially beautiful picture. Festive decorations include wreaths, swags, and garlands. Only materials that existed during the colonial period may be used in the decoration. Natural components  like fruit, leaves, shells, and tobacco are popular, but residents also use other items such as corks, paper, or cloth. The endless possibilities lead to an array of design options.

williamsburg governor palace christmas decoration wreath
The Governor's Palace
Residents compete for prizes and bragging rights in a decorating contest. Here are a few of my favorites...The combination of apples and pineapples remains one of my top choices for any holiday display. I bought a form to try my hand at an apple and pineapple centerpiece next year.

williamsburg christmas decoration pineapple apple swag

williamsburg christmas wreath fruit

williamsburg window swag apple

williamsburg wreath pomegranate

These two look way too happy for people who are locked up!

williamsburg christmas vacation ll bean boots

Travel Tips: If you go to see the decorations at Colonial Williamsburg, I highly recommend the Christmas Decorations Walking Tour.

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