Monday, March 14, 2016

Lightning Trip

Lightning Trip...One of the things that I love the most about speaking other languages is knowing words or phrases that don't quite translate exactly to English. Sometimes, a word in another language is just what I need to adequately express the situation or my sentiments. In Spanish, a viaje-relámpago refers to a quick, but usually fun and event filled trip.

Last weekend the girls and I took a lightning trip to New York City and we enjoyed every minute of our short weekend trip. We boarded a bus early Friday morning for a relatively quick ride to the city. In one weekend, we saw three Broadway shows, ate like champions, and saw the most iconic spots in the city.

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis, located in the heart of Times Square. The spacious hotel rooms offered plenty of space and a spectacular view of Times Square. For the entire weekend, we walked everywhere! No need for taxis or other public transportation at all.

view of times square from marriott marquis

Rockefeller Center holds a special place in my heart, so I knew that we had to visit. Natalia and Alexia wanted to view the city from the Top of the Rock. Since I knew that it tends to get crowded in the afternoon, we went there fairly early in the morning and didn't find any lines at all.

new york city rockefeller center maryland blogger

From all four sides, the observation deck offers an incredible view of the city.

new york city skyline from top of the rock view

The girls captioned this selfie "Twins Take Manhattan."

new york city rockefeller center maryland blogger

We ducked into the Lindt chocolate store for a quick boost of sugar before walking the short distance to the Museum of Modern Art.

lindt chocolate store new york

I love to see famous works of arts that I studied or that are familiar to me. The extensive collection at the MoMA boasts some true gems of the art world. Starry Night is among my favorites. Natalia helped me find this fun Snapchat filter for the picture. We listened to the audio tour on our phones and loved the interesting interpretations of the paintings.

snapchat filter moma nyc starry night van gogh

Stay tuned for more fun details from our trip including some amazing food recommendations and mini reviews of the three shows that we saw.

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