Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! What are your plans for tonight? In my neighborhood, children trick or treat on Halloween, no matter what day of the week it is, so I'm looking forward to seeing a couple hundred visitors tonight. Our first year in the neighborhood, I completely underestimated how much candy I needed and ran out after only an hour or so. For several years, I bought so much candy so far in advance that the temptation to sample the sweets won so off I went to buy more bags of treats.

Finally I found a solution. Stickers and temporary tattoos. I eliminated the temptation to eat anything before Halloween night.

halloween tattoos stickers teal pumpkin preppy blogger fashion after 40

The weekend brought unusually warm temperatures and I didn't need to wear a coat all weekend. Of course, on Saturday the weather triggered both heat and the air conditioning. Welcome to fall in Maryland. I just brought out a few finishing touches for the Halloween decor for the porch.

I'm loving the leopard print shift tee shirt dress for fall. It's so comfortable and fits true to size. Although it's technically a dress, I felt much more comfortable with a pair of leggings under it.

Dress  //  Leggings  //  Bag, Longchamp  //  Shoes

Between the girls' school, sports, volunteer, and work activities and my busy schedule, our calendar bursts with activity. Yesterday, I thought that Natalia and Alexia had to babysit at church. They both told me that they didn't have babysitting, but I insisted, so off we went to church. As it turns out, the girls were correct. We enjoyed two delightful hours in downtown Frederick, walking around and taking pictures. Here's one of my favorite pictures, captured with my phone!

 Enjoy Halloween!

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